Hiring Nick Baskerville

Contact me below so I can help you have an engaging event either by having me on stage, or helping you get ready for the stage!

Want some help telling stories and jokes and talking to folks?

Have you ever been at an event, but your mind has been somewhere else? You know the information being presented is important, but you also know it’s boring? It’s like drinking V8 vegetable juice. You know it has good stuff you need, but you have little desire to drink it.

But V8 Splash is different! V8 Splash has fruit juice in it. It tastes great while giving you the good stuff you need. That’s what I do for public speaking. I host, tell stories, and tell jokes to entertain or educate at events. I can even show you how to do the same through workshops and one-on-one coaching.

Things I do

Individual Coaching

Group coaching





Upcoming Events and Projects

Coming Soon – Postcast: Secondary Search: Finding African American Stories and History in the Fire Service (more info to come)

Recording Still Available – National Storytelling Network Fringe show: “Once I Learned the History” (Tickets and Info Here) (Tickets for the recording are still on sale!

Recording Still Available – Six Feet Apart Productions Presents: Tall Tales (Tickets and Info Here)

10 Apr 2023 – Story Extreme Storytelling show Theme: Awkard Conversations (Storytelling, in-person Alexandria, VA) (Tickets and Info Here)

22 Apr 2023 – TEDx Woodbridge (Public Speaking, in-person) (More info to come)