Guess who has things to say?

As early this week, I get the honor to tell stories and jokes and talks with folks! Some of the events are private, and others welcome anyone available to attend. Of those that you can attend, you can see me perform at during April:

  1. (Mostly) True Things storytelling show (online)
  2. Find Your Funny Toastmasters club (online)

Click on this link Hiring Nick Baskerville to get more info about these events, where else I’ll be, and how to hire me for your next event. Looking forward to telling stories and jokes and talking to all of you folks!

Published by Nick Baskerville

After years of being an instructor in the military and the and the fire service, I realized I needed to improve my delivery. My students needed me to improve delivery. But how do I improve my delivery? Simple. I finally took a member of Toastmasters up on the invitation to come to a meeting. It wasn't long until I joined. Along the way of improving my skills at delivering a message, I came to understand that of all the ways to get a point across, telling stories is the best way to get it done. Around this time, another friend from Toastmasters told me about The Moth monthly story telling shows. What better way to test out my theories on storytelling. It's in my travels there to the shows that I found more and more shows, and classes, and events centered around storytelling. Despite how many people know about the storytelling world, not many people know about the storytelling world. So now, I'm out to tell the world about storytelling.

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