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I’m excited to be working with Two Joke Minimum ( to bring my comedy writer’s room Jokes in The Clean Room. Here we work on jokes and comedy that fit into the category of being clean. How is clean comedy defined? It varies depending on time, place, and venue. How we will define what clean is for our room is

  1. From G to PG-13 content found in media
    1. Where your material falls in there will depend on the venue and audience you are performing for.
    2. Examples where clean comedy is normally found are
      1. Corporate events
      2. Places of worship
      3. Family events
      4. Sitcoms
      5. Late night TV
  2. Words not to use
    1. Swear words
    2. Many words that describe body parts
  3. Subject content
    1. Reinforce negative stereotypes in others in a hurtful way
    2. Hate speech
    3. Explicit description of sex or violence

What does clean comedy look like? Glad you asked! Here are just a few examples:

Why have a space for clean comedy?

  1. A safe place to test a joke or premise
  2. Network with others working on clean comedy

Do you have to be a clean comic? No, just be working on a clean joke or clean premise. There are a number of people who have clean material but aren’t fully into clean comedy. If you plan to do comedy in any of the areas mentioned above, you will need 10 mins or more of clean material to use at some point. Jokes in The Clean Room is a place to give that a try. Click on the link for details to sign up!

Published by Nick Baskerville

After years of being an instructor in the military and the and the fire service, I realized I needed to improve my delivery. My students needed me to improve delivery. But how do I improve my delivery? Simple. I finally took a member of Toastmasters up on the invitation to come to a meeting. It wasn't long until I joined. Along the way of improving my skills at delivering a message, I came to understand that of all the ways to get a point across, telling stories is the best way to get it done. Around this time, another friend from Toastmasters told me about The Moth monthly story telling shows. What better way to test out my theories on storytelling. It's in my travels there to the shows that I found more and more shows, and classes, and events centered around storytelling. Despite how many people know about the storytelling world, not many people know about the storytelling world. So now, I'm out to tell the world about storytelling.

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