So…what is this all about?

Ever have a thought for how life works and think to yourself, “Should I test that?” Welcome to my test. Most people probably already figure that there are skills from storytelling, stand-up comedy, and public speaking that can be used to get a point across. What I think about is how to use all three at the same time.  This blog/website will be the place I put together how people can communicate better using thoughts, theories, and practices used in storytelling, comedy, and public speaking. I’d love to show you how it works, either through performance, or teaching the skills.

As I have stated more than a few times, I slipped, tripped, and fell into what I do now in storytelling, comedy, and public speaking. After teaching an 8-hour class in the fire service, a student came to me and stated “Sir, I don’t get it.” “Get what, young man?” “All of it. Everything you said today.” Yes, my initial thought was he should have paid better attention. Yes, I thought he’s going to need to work harder. Then I thought, maybe, it’s me. Maybe there is something I can do better to convey a thought or idea.

With an eye on improving my delivery, I found myself in toastmasters, which then lead to performing storytelling, which then lead to being a stand-up comedian. Along that journey, I realized it’s not just enough to deliver words to others but to help people to engage with them along the way. True communication is an exchange of thoughts and ideas that will create understanding. Not necessarily agreement, but at least understanding. 

The great thing about storytelling, joke-telling, and public speaking is that these are skills that all can learn and get better at. Keep in mind, getting better at these skills, does not mean making it rich and famous. It does mean improving your life in areas you choose to use these skills.

So what can you expect here?

On this site, you will

  1. Be able to see how I apply these skills on a stage
  2. See blog post that talk about the details of each so you can try a few out
  3. Be able to contact me to come to your organization to perform, to talk about, or to teach the things I do

Feel free to check out the other blog I run, Story Telling On Purpose to see some of the things I’ve done with the art storytelling. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and skills in comedy, storytelling, and public speaking.

Published by Nick Baskerville

After years of being an instructor in the military and the and the fire service, I realized I needed to improve my delivery. My students needed me to improve delivery. But how do I improve my delivery? Simple. I finally took a member of Toastmasters up on the invitation to come to a meeting. It wasn't long until I joined. Along the way of improving my skills at delivering a message, I came to understand that of all the ways to get a point across, telling stories is the best way to get it done. Around this time, another friend from Toastmasters told me about The Moth monthly story telling shows. What better way to test out my theories on storytelling. It's in my travels there to the shows that I found more and more shows, and classes, and events centered around storytelling. Despite how many people know about the storytelling world, not many people know about the storytelling world. So now, I'm out to tell the world about storytelling.

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