Using Structure in Your Story: Final Thoughts

Over the last few weeks, I’m hoping you learned some new things about crafting your story in a way that compels people to listen to your story. We talked about:

  • What story structure is
  • Different types of story structure
  • Some ways to use story structure

Story structure goes through all the genres of storytelling. From personal narrative stories to folk tales and everything in between. Story structure also crosses many art forms. Don’t be surprised if you begin to see story structures in other places like books, plays, and TV shows (watching movies has totally changed for me). Much like air, you don’t see it, but you know the impact of its existence. 

So what next?

  • Go learn more. I’ll only lay out a snippet of info about story structure. And it’s just the stuff that I learned. All of the structures I talked about have links that I am sure will lead you down a rabbit hole of more information. I
  • Go practice. No matter how you read or listen to these concepts, how well you understand them will come from using them. Refer to my page about places to practice storytelling (Storytelling Open Mics and Swaps). Join public speaking groups such as Toastmasters, or gather a group of friends and practice with them.

Remember there are a number of possible structures to use. The “right” one is the one that works best for you and the story you are trying to tell. Be clear on what you are trying to accomplish with your story. Remember that the reason for using structure is to help give order to the listener when they hear your story. Is it that important? Absolutely! No matter the reason you tell a story, you want listeners to understand, remember, and enjoy your story. The structure is a proven way to do that. Which structure you use, you get to choose.

Thanks for following along in this series. Be sure to follow the blog as I walk through the things I have learned about storytelling, humor, and public speaking. You will have something new to help you communicate ideas in a new way.

Published by Nick Baskerville

After years of being an instructor in the military and the and the fire service, I realized I needed to improve my delivery. My students needed me to improve delivery. But how do I improve my delivery? Simple. I finally took a member of Toastmasters up on the invitation to come to a meeting. It wasn't long until I joined. Along the way of improving my skills at delivering a message, I came to understand that of all the ways to get a point across, telling stories is the best way to get it done. Around this time, another friend from Toastmasters told me about The Moth monthly story telling shows. What better way to test out my theories on storytelling. It's in my travels there to the shows that I found more and more shows, and classes, and events centered around storytelling. Despite how many people know about the storytelling world, not many people know about the storytelling world. So now, I'm out to tell the world about storytelling.

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