Using Structure in Your Story: Final Thoughts

Over the last few weeks, I’m hoping you learned some new things about crafting your story in a way that compels people to listen to your story. We talked about: What story structure is Different types of story structure Some ways to use story structure Story structure goes through all the genres of storytelling. FromContinue reading “Using Structure in Your Story: Final Thoughts”

Using Structure in Your Story: Guidelines for Picking a Structure

With 19 story structures talked about last blog post, there is not a shortage of ways to structure your story. Now the question is “Which one do you use?”. The answer: “It varies. In the time I have been telling stories, I have learned that there are few absolutes. So I’m not going to giveContinue reading “Using Structure in Your Story: Guidelines for Picking a Structure”

Blog Series “Using structure in your story”

Once, while working as a firefighter, the officer was off from work. As the acting officer for the day, I was responsible for getting things done. On a big whiteboard in the office, I listed all the things we had to do for the day. I left for a moment and when I came back,Continue reading “Blog Series “Using structure in your story””

What’s the One thing – where to find stories

I once had a speaking mentor that said “Nick, I want you to write down 1 story from your life every day.” I said “Great! But what do I do when I’m out at the end of the week?” Turns out, I have never run out. I have stories in varying stages of creation justContinue reading “What’s the One thing – where to find stories”

“What’s the One Thing?” series – tips for telling a story on stage

Last week, I got a chance to sit in the audience and watch The Moth Grandslam in Washington DC. Ten winners of the monthly storytelling shows that have taken place in the DC area get to tell another story at the historic Lincoln Theater to over 1000 people. I’ve been in a Grandslam before. It’sContinue reading ““What’s the One Thing?” series – tips for telling a story on stage”

So…what is this all about?

Ever have a thought for how life works and think to yourself, “Should I test that?” Welcome to my test. Most people probably already figure that there are skills from storytelling, stand-up comedy, and public speaking that can be used to get a point across. What I think about is how to use all threeContinue reading “So…what is this all about?”